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Alhambra taquillas

The bookshop is located in a Platform of water, next to the ticket office of the Alhambra. The products' offer is very wide, based mainly on the monument and its history.

The main topic is "The Alhambra, an introduction". The offer consists of bibliography and audio items regarding the monument: specific guides in different languages, maps, touristic and recommended routes, andalusian history and culture, architecture and photography, poetry and literature.

It is also significant the variety of exclusive products of the Alhambra, postcards, prints and illustrations, high quality products as an introduction of the offer you can find in the two other shops.

Calle Real de la Alhambra, s/n 18009 Granada.
Tel. 958 22 82 44

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Alhambra Carlos V

Situated inside the Charles V Palace this bookshop is a warm place that offers the visitors a wide bibliographic selection about the monumental complex and surroundings, and a wide range of products representative of the evolution of the monument throughout time.

The main topic to emphasize here is "The Alhambra, graphic memory" and " The Alhambra from its origin to modernity". Wide range of bibiographies and audios products based on: History, everyday life, art, architecture, conservation and restoration, photography, literature, science, museology and cultural management, legacy of Islam, Granada and its culture.

A diverse selection of design objects is also avalaible: not only postcards, prints and illustrations or calendars but also products from exclusive designers and specific collections of the Alhambra, always related to the Monument, its history and culture.

Calle Real de la Alhambra s/n. Granada.
Tel. 965 22 58 50

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Alhambra Granada

Located in Reyes Católicos Street, in the heart of Granada. Due to the shop´s size you can find a summary of all the thematic collections which can be found inside the complex, acting as the ambassador of the Alhambra within the city of Granada.

The main topic is ¨The Alhambra: the monumental complex and the city of Granada¨. The bibliography is based on subjects such as history, daily life, arts, architecture, preservation and restoration, photography, literary creation, sciences, museology and cultural Management, the legacy of Islam, Granada and the modern and contemporary culture, children´s books, nature and touristic and artistic guides. The audiovisual material includes andalusí music, Arabic music, flamenco-arabic fusion music, concerts which were held in the Alhambra, touristic diffusion, history, art and architecture, movies related to Al-Andalus, documentaries, etc.

All the collections available in the three bookshops of the monumental complex will be available with products within the bookshop situated in the city, collections about the Islamic culture and art of the most prestigious museums, both national and International, collections about important figures, architectural and cultural elements related to the city of Granada.

Reyes Católicos, 4018009 Granada.
Telephone: 958 22 78 46. 

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